This article will guide you through the process of connecting your Google Ads (AdWords) account to the AdOptics service.

AdOptics relies on your Google Ad account data in order to create, run, evaluate, and end your ad test experiments. By connecting your Google Ads account to AdOptics, you are enabling our service to read your ad performance data, to push new ads that you have written in our interface, and to pause a losing or selected ad in your Google Ad account.

Method 1: During Account Sign Up and On Boarding

When you create an account at AdOptics, you will be guided through the on-boarding process that will include a step to attach a Google Ad account to your AdOptics account. You need to connect one ad account in order to complete the on-boarding process. You can connect other accounts later.

You will see a confirmation screen to confirm that you will be taken to the Google OAuth process where you will verify your Google login information at Google and accept our permissions to access your Google Ads account.

The confirmation page before you are taken to Google to verify access appears below:

Method 2: Adding an Account Through the Account Manager

When you log into your AdOptics account, you are taken to your Account Management page that shows all of the ad accounts you currently have added to AdOptics.

The Account Manager page is shown below:

Clicking on the "Add Account" button will take you through the same Google OAuth process to confirm your Google Ad account authentication in order to give AdOptics permission to access your account.

Notes on Google Ad Account Access:

  • AdOptics never has access to your Google login credentials

  • All "Recent Change" activity in the Google Ad account will show your connected email address, it will never show AdOptics anywhere in your ad account.

  • All Google Ad Accounts connected to the login email address will be imported by default. You can de-activate them with a click in the Account Manager page.

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