The AdOptics service is based around action tasks that start, evaluate, and end ad testing experiments. Unlike many other platforms, these tasks are automatically generate by the system based on your Ad Account structure.

When you log into your AdOptics account, you are taken to the Account Manager page where you can see all of the accounts you have imported into the system and their current "To Do" task counts (see below).

Opening an account with a To Do Task count greater than zero will allow you to see the tasks generated for the Ad Account and allow you to execute and run them in our point and click interface. The three task types are Start Ad Test, Create Ad Test, and End Test.

Pending Tasks

This is the default account task view that you will see after clicking the "Open Account" button on the Account Manager page.

These are the tasks that need your review and approval before any ad test experiment is started or ended. These are the most important tasks in your account. You have the option to run the task, or to Dismiss it for a week, month, or forever.

Tasks in the Pending tab will also be shown by Priority ranking of Low, Normal, and High. High priority tasks have the most benefit to the ad account performance.

In Progress Tasks

You can access the In Progress tasks by clicking the "In Progress" text shown as a tab at the top of the page.

These are running ad experiments that are being monitored by the system that still need to collect data before a winning ad is found. You can view the task progress by viewing the details button. Tasks in this view are sorted by "Confidence" which is an indicator of how close the experiment is to finding a winning ad.

Completed Tasks

Completed tasks can be accessed by clicking the "Completed" text shown as a tab at the top of the task view page.

These are experiments that have been completed and the user has reviewed the result and has ended the ad test. This set of tasks is useful for reviewing archived test performance.

Upcoming Tasks

Upcoming tasks can be accessed by clicking the "Upcoming" text tab at the top of the Task Overview page.

These are tasks generated by the system that are ready, but have not been moved to the "Pending" to do task list because they have either been postponed by the user with the "Dismiss" action earlier, or due to a large backlog of current tasks in the Pending to do tab that need to by completed first.

By default, the system will move tasks with the highest potential performance improvement to the To Do task list first so that you know you are working on the most impactful items first.

An Upcoming tasks can be manually moved to the Pending to do task list by clicking the "Restore Now" button. Once restored, the task will appear in the Pending to do task list.

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