This article will cover one of the main system generated tasks that will help to improve your Ad Account.

The Start Ad Test task is automatically generated by the system after your Ad Account data has been imported. When AdOptics detects an Ad Group with more than one running ad, the Start Ad Test task will be generated automatically and be placed into the pending task to do list. This task will allow the user to compare the performance of the two ads in the Ad Group.

Only two ads are compared at any given time. If your Ad Group has more than two ads in it, then an additional Start Ad Test task will automatically be generated after the current ad test has completed. The Start Ad Test task detail page will let you see the two ads that will be compared in the ad test.

Once the "Start Ad Test" button is clicked, the system will begin tracking the performance of the two ads in your account. No changes are made to the Ad Account during this time, only performance data tracking takes place during this time. The ad test can be monitored under the "In Progress" tab where you can see the tracked ad performance and the ad test confidence value. The confidence value is an indicator of the validity of selecting one ad over another.

After the ad test has run and has gathered enough data, a new task type is automatically generated for an "End Ad Test" task where you can review the ad test results and stop the experiment.

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