This article will cover one of the main system generated tasks that will help to improve your Ad Account.

The End Ad Test task is automatically generated by the system after and ad test experiment has been started. When AdOptics gathers enough data on a running ad experiment, the End Ad Test task will be generated automatically and be placed into the pending task to do list. This task will allow the user to compare the performance of the two ads in the experiment and choose an ad to continue running, while pausing the other ad. Our system will indicate which ad is the Winning vs Losing ad in the experiment based on your Ad Account test settings.

Clicking the "Details" button of an End Ad Test task will take you to the ad experiment comparison view that will display the performance data of the two ads in the test. The ads will be labeled as Winning and Losing based on the Ad Account settings.

Clicking the "Pause Losing Ad" button will end the ad test and push the Pause Ad command to the Google Ads API, pausing the Losing ad in your Google Ad Account. The Winning ad will continue to run.

Note: If you determine that you would prefer to pause the Winning ad and keep the Losing ad running then click the link indicated in the text "You can also choose to pause the Winning Ad by clicking here." below the Pause and Dismiss buttons.

You can also choose to "Dismiss" the task that will continue the ad test to run for the selected Dismiss time period you select (1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, Forever). The task will be moved to your "Upcoming" task list panel and continue to gather data. One the dismiss period is completed, the End Ad Test task will be moved back to your Pending To Do task list view.

Important Features of the End Ad Test Task Generation

  • In Ad Groups with sufficient data (impressions, clicks, and conversions), the End Ad Test task will be generated automatically by the system once a winning ad is determined with a statistical significance confidence of at least 90%.

  • If an Ad Group does not gather enough data (impressions, clicks, and conversions) to achieve a 90% confidence of statistical significance within 30 days of starting the ad experiment, then End Ad Test task will be generated using the data that has been gathered.

  • If the Ad Account is using CPTI (Conversions Per Thousand Impressions) as the main performance indicator (the default), and no Conversion data is found after 30 days, then the system will fall back to using CTR (Click Through Rate) as the deciding performance indicator.

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